Reviews and Benefits of MoneyMas in 2018


Surely you have needed money quickly, in these cases you will know that a bank loan is not a good alternative, since they usually require a large amount of time to corroborate your data and make the grant. In these urgent cases, a good option is MoneyMas .

But, what is Money Mas? You will ask yourself, because we answer that it is your best online option to get money fast and without complications, you do not have to perform paperwork and annoying paperwork, which only take time and delay more money that you need so much.

Even if you do not have a job at this time, they can also grant you the money, as long as you are not in an insolvency situation.

The opinions about this financial institution are very positive, it has a high credibility and reliability in the field. So you can feel confident that you are in the best hands.

Advantages of MoneyMas

MoneyMas offers you an attractive and reliable platform that gives you clear and accurate information about its services. So you do not have to complicate yourself, since on the same page of the entity they explain everything clearly and simply. There is no room for confusion or half measures.

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MoneyMas gives you all the information you need thanks to your frequently asked questions, in which you can clarify any questions you may have about the services provided by this financial institution.

Likewise, the opinions on MoneyMas are very positive, since they have extensive experience in financial services and a large number of satisfied customers. You have doubts? Continue reading.

What is Money Mas

It is an online financial institution that provides you with fast money in 24 hours or less, thanks to its platform and technology based on the Instator tool, it facilitates knowing your credit data and allows accelerating the granting of the loan. You only have to fill some simple requirements, which are minimal if compared with those required by a bank.

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A MoneyMas loan is your alternative when you need money fast and without complications, or paperwork. MoneyMas is an online platform that gives you loans that range between 2000 and 8000 euros.

MoneyMas, even gives you credits even if you are in ASNEF, so if you find yourself in this delinquency list you can also be eligible for a loan. You want to know more?

The opinions about MoneyMas confirm it, secure and reliable credit, with payments in installments, no commissions, you must not cancel money in advance, and in case you pay your credit before the stipulated date you will not be added additional payments.

Clients who have worked with MoneyMas confirm that they are satisfied and provide positive opinions about the entity. There are no small letters, everything is clear and concise, you decide what the amount is and the entity recommends which is the best credit for you, according to your solvency and ability to pay.

How Moneymas works

Credit MoneyMas works with a platform that allows you to request credits quickly and easily. Granting you up to 8000 euros in a period as short as 24 hours, thanks to Instator, which grants your banking information to the entity with responsibility and confidentiality. Although if you want you can provide the company for yourself your bank statement.

The entity can see your information but for no reason can access your accounts or have access to your passwords or passwords.

The amounts and payment terms range from 2,000 euros to 8,000 euros with a payment term of 12 to 60 months.

For example, if you apply for a loan with MoneyMas for 2000 euros, you can pay it in 36 months with monthly installments of 97.59 euros. With a total amount of 3513.24 euros to cancel.

Money Maste allows, thanks to its virtual simulation, to calculate the amount of money and interest, likewise automatically it will indicate you the quotas that you must cancel and the term in which you will have to do it.

MoneyMas Requirements

In MoneyMas credits you will be asked for the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be resident in Spain.
  • Must have an age between 18 and 75 years.
  • You must not have debts, that is, at the time of the request you must be solvent.
  • To have the monetary capacity to assume the credit.
  • Have a guarantor This requirement is indispensable.
  • Speak in Spanish

If you have any questions, MoneyMas will help you clarify your requirements. For example, in the case of guarantors, you must have a person who agrees to pay your debt in case you can not do it. This is a guarantee that the payment will be made at the relevant time.

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Money Mas also has requirements for the guarantor, which are:

  • Be between 18 and 75 years old.
  • Be a Spanish resident and master the language.
  • Be able to assume the debt in case the borrower can not do it.
  • Be solvent

How to Apply for a Money Loan More

To request a credit with MoneyMas you must follow the following steps.

  1. Enter in your page:
  2. Determine with the calculator the amount of money, interest and payment term.
  3. Click on apply for a loan and fill out the MoneyMas form, where you are asked for a purpose for which you request the credit, personal information, ID, telephone, email, address, work data, payment date.
  4. You will be given a link with which you will send the form to your guarantor to fill out the application with your information.
  5. Both you and the guarantor will be called to confirm the data and complete the application process.
  6. If your guarantor is approved and your credit is accepted, the money will be deposited within a maximum of 24 hours after accepting it and your guarantor has approved it. Money Mas will deposit the money in the account of the guarantor and this will transfer it to your account. In this way the commitment of the same in the transaction is guaranteed.

MoneyMas’s interests

MoneyMas gives you credits with fair interest, for example for 3000 euros you will have to pay 146.39 euros, paying a total of 5270.04 euros, the interest has a percentage of 41.16%. With an APR of 49.9%.

To make the return of the capital to MoneyMas is very simple, since the entity has established very simple forms of payment that will facilitate this process, since the idea is to offer facilities and speed to customers. In this sense, the payment will be made to your bank account or through the debit or credit card. As simple as that!

A very important point is that you will not be charged extra if you pay your credit before the deadline, and you will save money by only paying the capital that has been delivered with the interest until the time of paying the debt.

Money Mas is reliable

The opinions about MoneyMas confirm it, completely reliable loans, this is assured by the large number of satisfied customers who have used the services of this financial institution.

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MoneyMas offers you clear and truthful information about your loan, as stipulated in the contract that is provided to you. In addition, you are guaranteed an evaluation of your ability to pay, so you have a reliable review of your financial status, which is confidential.

MoneyMas will only give you a credit when you know you are able to pay it. And in turn, it will ask you the purpose for which you request the credit, your history and if your income is adequate for the loan you are requesting.

An important point is that the entity will only grant you loans if you have a reliable guarantor, this guarantees that the payment will be made effectively in case you can not answer for the debt.

Emphasis is also placed on a correct evaluation of the same, its ability to pay and commitment, so that you have a real backing when you assume your debt. Although it is not an indispensable requirement, preference is given to guarantors who own real estate.




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